The Wiltern



Opened in 1931.

Fun fact: You always tell what street the Wiltern theatre is on by deciphering its name. “Wil” for Wilshire Blvd. and “Tern” for Western Ave. Anyway, let’s rap about my concert history within the vintage art deco decor.



Before my blogging days, i had visited The Wiltern for a comedy show in my youth. It was dark, full of seats, never to be seen again. Barely remember much from that night. Laughed so much I pissed my pants.  #RealTalk. When I made my adult return for one of Matt Nathanson’s many sold out appearances in 2011; the lasting image of The Wiltern burnt a memory into the collective legacy I was about to built. Coming to a show here is truly special. Big acts play here all the time. Most recently Elton John. Live Nation’s bookings doesn’t discriminate between genre for I have seen Kendrick Lamar, Little Big Town, Fun., Jenny Lewis, Spoon, Fall Out Boy, Passenger, etc. there.  You really get that arena presence in a somewhat intimate setting. The lights are always awesome. The crowd lit. Seeing a sold out show really shoots the electricity down your spine.

Fair warning: from the doors to the set times… The Wiltern usually starts later than sooner. They got better in 2015. Which is definitely a plus moving forward.

FUN. @ THE WILTERN (8/17/12)

FUN. @ THE WILTERN (8/17/12)

Pit access is a major bonus for arriving early and waiting in line. Most shows are GA – Floor with assign seating in the balcony. The first GA – Floor visitors gain access to a wristband that allows them in & out of the pit. Even the concert photographers don’t normally have access to those special spots. I prefer any of the platform banisters (third level stage right especially). Level 2 GA becomes the most crowded area in the joint. Almost everything on stage left will fill up quickly because most newbies rush through the first door they see. The right side usually has less crowds because of this. 

So, here especially, there is a perk to buying seats in the balcony. You get an assigned spot that will allow to move around. Everywhere else…if you don’t bring a friend…you’re crowd defending your spots. Remember: people are sneaky. You’ll be in area but by the time show goes down you might be a few feet away. It is really hard to shoot photos from the balcony however. The overall distance between you and the artist is quite far. This area is more for crowd shots or for being a spot where you and your date can get quite close.


There are lots all around western & wilshire. 9 out of 10 times I’m parking in their parking structure right off Wilshire on Oxford (664 S Oxford Ave). It’s $20. Totally worth it. There is a small wait if you leave on time after a show. But never was a problem.

A show at the Wiltern is almost a sure thing. It’s gonna be dope, intimate, and always worth talking about. Every single one of my Wiltern Showcases still rank in the top 25 and that’s worth something.