The Troubadour



Opened in 1957.

The Troubadour is my favorite venue in LA. It has been my “home court” since 2010. The Troubadour’s quiet intimate setting allows for quite the special ambiance whether you are with friends, loved ones, or riding solo. Helps that almost each show is a sell out. You won’t feel alone. Crowded, but not alone. On such occasions, it is best to arrive early to grab a spot by the stage. You’ll most likely miss out on the balcony seats if you’re not at the front of the line when the doors swing open.

Machineheart @ The Troubadour (10/03/15)

Machineheart @ The Troubadour (10/03/15)

But arriving later is fine… you’ll dodge the line curving around the corner (which sucks on the rare cold California night). The best time to sneak in is roughly around the end of the opener(s). Stage left (by the stairwell & bathroom) is the less crowded spot on the floor. Wallflowers, like myself, love it. The Troubadour is not the most timely of venues. Elaborate musicians with a loads of gear will allow those carefree late concert goers amble time to get settled.

Acoustic showcases do happen on the dot, so keep that in mind. Those are the best here. Big bands really do love to tailor their showcases to The Troubadour iconic style. Even the biggest band in the world like U2 or Prince (who I saw at the Troubadour BTW) will redefine their style to blow you away.

When you’re 15 feet (or less) from you’re superstar, the energy is truly indescribable. 

Don’t worry, both non-floor bars have a live feed of the stage at all times. So if the warm-crowded stage area makes you sick, grab a drink at the bar, and watch the show from their comfy furniture. Your show doesn’t stop…unlike other venues. You can find the merchandise is always sold in the back corner of the entrance’s bar. Best to grab swag on the way out. 

Parking Advice: Nine times outta ten I’ll park across the street at Imperial Parking (9056 Santa Monica Blvd). I haven’t paid more than $10 in my five years of visiting West Hollywood.

You won’t find another homely venue in all of LA. By choosing the Troubadour, you certifiably have ensured a fantastic music experience. One you won’t find anywhere else.  

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