The Hotel Cafe



Opened in 2000.

My first blog’s (RIP original showcase review occurred at The Hotel Cafe. I watched Cary Brothers, with special guest Aqualung, play the most intimate set against the brick wall & red velvet curtains that lives in the backroom. The layout of which is a restaurant/lobby gutted to be a concert hall alongside on the streets of Hollywood. “What kind of wonderland did I just step in to?,” I thought to myself as I sipped a rough scotch filled to the brim.

Such incredible way to start a journey. The Hotel Cafe takes great pride in being a hideaway for new & fledgling acts. They usually have four shows back-to-back everyday for roughly around a $10 cover. You can stay the whole evening, see all the performers, drink, chill, and only spend $20. They specialize in folk-acoustic coffeehouse rock. Singers. Songwriters. The works. I prefer the streetwise guitarists but I have seen

Even now when I listen to Cary’s “Under Control” I return to that dark room with it’s harsh spotlight. There is no better spot in Hollywood to take a lover or two. The crowd is usually hipsters that roll with the up & coming artists performing on each given night. Because it’s friends, relatives, and PR reps the ambiance is usually top notch. No booing or heckling. Just love and support for singers/songwriters following their near impossible dream. There is something that can be said about spreading love & joy. This is definitely one of those rare spots. 

I wish I ran The Hotel Cafe because it was the venue I’ve always wanted to hang out in. It’s dark, mysterious, loves stiff drinks, with a urban flair and exotic indie rock taste. Most nights, it’s the only place I ever want to visit. Have to pace myself because once you check in…you’ll never want to check out.


Cahuenga blvd. is full of $5 to $10 parking spots. There is even street parking down certain roads (not many). You’re 95% going to pay for parking if you visit a show here. On top of the $10 to get through the door, $5 to $10 is still definitely cheaper than what you’ll pay at regular venues. Don’t pay any more than that. Just tell yourself: $20 for show is just fine. You could also take the Subway to the Hollywood Station & watch down the historic starred streets. 



Chelsea Williams @ The Hotel Cafe (6/23/12)

Chelsea Williams @ The Hotel Cafe (6/23/12)