The Hollywood Bowl



Founded 1922. Renovated 2003 – 2004

History. You’re apart of a  90+ year legacy when you step foot in “The Bowl”. Whether you a patron or artist. The ghostly steps of superstars probably still echo in the halls. You can’t deny the ultimate fact that The Hollywood Bowl was here before us and will survive long after. 

All I can hope that the show you see equals that chilling thought. Because I have seen amazing and bad performances over my 5 years blogging under those white arches. The odds are you will be seeing a greatest hits set list or an epic one night only mashup of musical talents like at the Playboy Jazz Fest or We Can Survive Festival. The Bowl is technically the Sun in the center of this LA music scene. Don’t expect a cheap date. 

Most shows (including lease events) are sold out, very expense, and will be talked about for months to come. Save your money now. Nosebleeds might be enticing cause of their cheap tag…but don’t be fooled. The classic Greek Colosseum seating only get worst the higher you go. But if that doesn’t bother you, go for it. The ambiance and bonding to your bench-mates might make the night magical then watching ants sing your favorite songs. Not how I play, but I’m spoiled. My two cents: spend the extra $ to get into either box section (or besides it). Promise you’ll love it. You are usually teamed with another couple who wants to get crazy too! [I mean possibly free liquor and drugs. Shhhh. #TrueStories]. The garden boxes are my favorite because it is such a crazy feeling. You are at the front of the mob. Close, yet feeling like a VIP. Plus they have servers. 



You’ll be in a living hell for hours. Please. Take my advice.

Again, money is no object to me when it comes to the bowl. You just get used to it. I usually park at the Hotels/Medical Marijuana/Army buildings with an easy out just past The Bowl for 40 bucks. It’s the quickest way to run away from the traffic nightmare that occurs at a show’s end. The walk up the mountain is actually quite nice before and after.

If you’re a newbie, you have so many options! I recommend the Hollywood & Highland center. It’s attached to some great restaurants & shops that knocks out all your tourist needs. Make the most of your time when the roads are clustered. This is your night in the dirty magical Hollywood. You could also take the Park & Ride/Shuttle located all around Hollywood or Taxi/Uber it…hell maybe the metro. The bowl’s webpage gives all the options. 


Any LAer will tell you to visit the Hollywood Bowl. Tops most of their LA bucket list. There isn’t another venue like it in the world…well, more like the west. 

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