The Echoplex


1154 Glendale  BLVD., LOS ANGELES, CA 90026

The Echo is not The Echoplex.

They are connected. Run by the same promoters. Yet…far from the same. The way I remember each is The Echo sits atop of TheEchoplex. The Heaven to it’s hell. Great picture to think about because on one night (Dec. 2, 2011) I saw Girl In A Coma with devilish-flaming lights at The Echoplex before crashing Allen Stone’s heavenly-starry lite show upstairs at The Echo. 2011 memories that changed my life.  You are about to witness a rocking rager the second you enter “hell”. The darkness will surround you as red lights signal tables and the bar. Some patrons might have cherish cat smiles shining as you pass. That’s just the vibe.

Aaron Embry @ The Echoplex

Aaron Embry @ The Echoplex

Okay. Characterizing a bit too much. The 700+ Echoplex is where they hold the BIG shows. You get to party in the basement as the cool cats & parents sway upstairs. Many of the shows I’ve seen at this venue have been quite fun. There is a great opportunity to be mobile as you rush from bar to stage. The show sometimes feels secondary compared to sitting in the corner with that special person. I don’t recommend standing in the back when seeing a show. The stage isn’t high enough. You’ll be staring at heads the farther back you are. The Echoplex’s design is deep length over short width. Your best spot is stage right. The constantly restless patrons can open up opportunities to skip pass people easier. Stage left, due to the vinyl couches by the door, tends to get crowded quick. Photo wise, left is the best area for shots.


Glendale BLVD. has more pay parking available. I usually Valet whenever I visit The Echoplex. But there is a nice paid parking lot across the street that is a bit pricey. The only perk is your in a better route to the Freeway than anything on Sunset. However, everything I said about The Echo applies to The Echoplex. Just take the stairs down to reach the backyard party entrance of The Echoplex. A Security guard will meet you at the alleyway to check your ID.   

Here’s what I said about The Echo/Echoplex

Two words: Echo Park! You’re in it. Hipster capital of modern LA culture. You won’t find another strip of shops or restaurants cooler then this area. Seriously. The parking lots off Sunset are free after 8 P.M. A major plus when seeing a late-night show. But their version of the sunset strip has coffee shops, restaurants, quick pizza, etc just a few steps from The Echo. I try to visit Origami Vinyl before a show. Love that shop.

PS: Be sure to attend the FREE Echo Park Rising festival in August to really experience everything Echo Park has to offer. It’s a powerhouse of free Music, Food, Art, and Fun. Runs for 3 days. You’ll love it.