About “The GN Project”

Bored 4 Music Presents “The Guerrilla Nights Project”:

Bored 4 Music is a online representation of all the things I love about music from abstract videos, heart pounding new singles, hair raising acoustic performances, in-depth artists interviews, and live shows.  With the latter being the main inspiration for this blog’s name.  Because I have spent the past two years walking into a variety of concerts with a overpowered point & shoot camera…in hopes of capturing amazing photos of everything I see… WITHOUT a  formal press pass.  And from our historic records, not to shabby.  Thus ‘Guerrilla Nights Project‘ was born.

This is what we promise you:

  1. Good music
  2. New artists that will blow your mind!
  3. Concert Showcase, with a professional / amateurish feel.
  4. Random Thoughts, Rants, & Tangents

We might have a fresh coat, but we are still B4M at our core.

Ultimately, I love ‘fresh’ music so don’t be afraid to give us a shout.  Feel free to contact us with any question, requests, or submissions you want to share.



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