1st Song of the Day: “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes & Hailee Steinfeld

Special post to end an uneventful 2016! What song best describes my year? Had so many choices. Few NSFW. But it was actually Shawn Mendes’ popular 2015 single  – “Stitches” – that resonated most. Yeah… kinda lame. 

Background time…. was addicted to the track back in January. Listened to it on repeat while hiking Mt. Wilson with big sis. Starting the year conquering mountains personified my jounrey over the past 8 years. “Stitches” has stayed a staple on my iPhone since.

The song kept the fire of quelling my desires locked behind a wall of fire as I remove myself from narratives & just move on for the better. By July, I had did just that. Even took a step back on music blogging. My life became quiet. Cherished the nights where I connected with friends online instead of personal dramas. Home is heart is. Gotta hold on tight & enjoy it. Because you never know when it might change. Something I’ve convinced my brain into believing for a few years now. 

2016 really mirrored 2012 regarding the steps I made to overcome my illusions. “I have never felt better”, as I tell Mr. T & Ms. A all the time. All that excess baggage I have burden myself with now isn’t so heavy. Whoever meets me now will encounter the real me. That’s kinda cool. Don’t think I ever played this role before. Kind of invigorating.

Do have a list of goals set for 2017. More focus on the career really. Some travel I hope. A long list of new concerts I hope to share with you dear reader. Ramen too. Thank you for sticking around in these quiet times. Sorry I haven’t been around much. But life has changed as music continues to be my hobby. Slowly working through my 3,000+ music emails. Really want to do something with them sooner then later. Need a new computer first.

Have a happy new year! Maybe 2017 be the year we all have been waiting for. Here’s Shawn & Haillee with an amazing duet of “Stitches”.


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