Favorite Albums of 2016: #01 – ‘Coloring Book’ by Chance The Rapper


Chills. Every. time.

Still remember how happy Chance The Rapper’s ‘Coloring Book’ made me on the ride into work on May 13th. iTunes rearranged the tracks so the first song I got was “Summer Friends”. Oh boy.  Wanted “Angels” because that was the first single & I loved that one too. Nevertheless… “Summer Friends” floored me. Francis (who I thought was Justin Vernon of Bon Iver) and The Lights’ ying to Chance’s yang set one hell of a mood alongside that hot summer sun rising. It only got better from there. 

If 2016 truly was as nightmarish as we are going to remember it… then “Coloring Book” serves as the glimmer of hope we all needed. This is one happy record. Full of gospel grace, kindness, real-life truth, and most importantly… fun. At it’s core, ‘Coloring Book’ is technically a gospel record. Don’t think it’s that simple though. I see it at as a slice of Chance’s life that are full of these glorious memories. Sure some of the topics are adult issues but the way that Chance weaves positive vibes with powerful blessings.

Try not to smile upon hitting play. Chance sure isn’t hiding behind a frown. Because every inch of this album projects “hope”. He definitely made this for his kid… who will one day go exploring to find out her father is or was. It’s all there with breezy Donnie trumpets, Kanye West drum machines, Kirk Franklin’s prays, and chi-town poetry from family & friends. There’s no other record this year that will make you feel this grounded. Hell, you might jump back on Facebook and reconnect with those friends you long forgot. 

Crazy that ‘Coloring Book’ still is a free mixtape. Can you imagine Chance’s debut LP? He’ll be running around every other artist in the game. Hell… he already has. For this is Chance’s ‘College Dropout’. A record that will be the bar for everything that comes in the future. 

Are you ready? Don’t forget the happy thoughts. 

Noteworthy Tracks:

  • All. Of. Them…

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