Favorite Albums of 2016: #02 – ‘Encore’ by DJ Snake


I prefer bubbly EDM pop most of the time. Easy to bump in the car. Audience friendly. For driving purposes it works. That’s why a track like ‘Middle’ by DJ Snake (one of the standout pop tracks of 2016) transcends “the journey”. You can put it over video clips or on repeat in the front seat. A purely electronic record – Tycho’s ‘Epoch’ for example – is only rooted in the beats that materialize with each passing second. Much harder to transform into. I loved Tycho’s artistic ‘Epoch’. But my wanderer’s soul connected deeply with DJ Snake’s ‘Encore’. Another record not found on many blog’s ‘Best of 2016’ lists. And the only pure EDM record of my 25. 

You… meaning I… can listen to this album on repeat & non-stop. Which says heaps. The album roots itself in the formulaic structure of the EDM genre. Thus proving that genre, if done correctly, can be as popular more than something so “out there”. Main reason why genre exists. Loved how DJ Snake peppered his LP with a variety of styles: conventional dance, Skrillex dubstep, hip hop, R&B, pop, and ballads. DJ Snake is the star of this record. No feature – with maybe the exception of Justin Bieber – overpowers the precise beats designed by DJ Snake. Well, unless you become obsessed with George Maple like I was for a time after hearing “Talk”. 

‘Encore’ is near perfect in my book probably because it is very much “a party in the Las Vegas desert “kind of record…. made for everyone. Play it on a drive home from the club to keep the buzz going past 2 A.M. That’s the perfect time for some “Talk” while cooling down to “Sober” levels. 

Noteworthy Tracks.

  • “Pigalle”
  • “The Half”
  • “Talk”
  • “Let Me Love You”
  • “Middle”
  • “Sober”
  • “Oh Me Oh My”
  • “Here Comes The Night

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