Favorite Albums of 2016: #06 – ‘Gore’ by Deftones


Take great pride in owning the Vinyl to ‘Gore‘. I’ve only played it once – mostly because I haven’t had time for wax – but the moment was wonderful. Deftones really up’d their game. You can feel the conflict between the band members as the album goes on. Visceral emotions bloom from the deadly rifts. Moreno’s howls are the only relief.

Perfectly executed metal records could be consider a lost art in 2016. The genre lays in the underground of the mainstream. Deftones don’t seem to care. Their pain must be shared. Reaching out from the speakers to grab hold of your poor unfortunate souls. ‘Gore’ guts you with such intensity from out the gate. The album does calm down in its final moments. A pace reminiscent of a dying man: sheer terror until calming rest. 

You need more albums like this. Something that projects your inner pain, allowing you to rage out. Find it hard not to headbang to each & every track here. ‘Gore’ is the perfect metal record. Something that revitalize a genre in dire need of some mainstream attention. 

Noteworthy Tracks… all of them!


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