Favorite Albums of 2016: #07 – ‘The Life of Pablo’ by Kanye West


So Help Me God… SWISH… Waves… Damn Gina. Kanye West started out 2016 on the road to his 7th LP. ‘The Life of Pablo’ dropped back in February. Remember watching the Madison Square Garden live stream at work. My co-worker wasn’t too impressed by Kanye’s new sounds. Neither was I really. Heard some cool moments. Wasn’t until the first initial pass at ‘Pablo’ dropped (because he released & re-released ‘Pablo’ two more times up to this point) that I could see brilliance in simplicity. Kanye brought his music back to his roots – a mixture of hip hop & gospel – that is as much glorious as it is vulgar. Pain is redefined… he even calling out his mortal enemy. Reigniting a feud that scorched 2016 celebrity news.

‘Pablo’ took fixing, but this broken-rushed product finally got the production value it needed to succeed. And it succeeded. So much you could say this is probably the most universally loved Kanye West album since ‘College Dropout’. You got all sides of the Old-New Kanye. Is that because the album is combination of all these different album concepts? Maybe? I just like listening to it. The tracks are stacked perfectly that you get this high-low-high pacing. Thus making ‘Pablo’ an enjoyable ride. I can find my groove on any of these tracks. Again, my only complaint is all these songs don’t have enough meat on the bones. 

‘Pablo’ shows us the real Kanye as he struggles through real life issues – money, groupies, fake friends, family, kids, relationships, etc. He hasn’t let go of his beliefs or his ego. But it’s hard out there for a maniac superstar. That’s the true story of ‘Pablo’. 

Noteworthy Tracks:

  • “FML”
  • “Ultralight Beams”
  • “Father Stretch My Hands P. 1 & Pt. 2”
  • “Fade”
  • “Wolves”
  • “Famous”

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