Favorite Albums of 2016: #11 – ‘Blackstar’ by David Bowie


From Starboy to Star Man…

I (and probably the artist himself) consider ‘Blackstar’ to be the “mic drop” on David Bowie’s wonderful life. Man. What a way to go out. Doing what you love. Leaving a legacy. Kind of epic. Sadly, this writer wasn’t a big fan of the Starman’s previous discography. Don’t throw stones! Just because I was ignorant to it.

But ‘Blackstar’ feels otherworldly. The jazz compilations behind Bowie’s fragile vocals provides an ethereal journey through galaxies never explored. You’re listening to a man at the end of life. Expressing himself the only way he can… universally through song. Gives me chills. ‘Blackstar’ is the final chapter of Starman’s journey. Hearing him go through stages of grief makes this iconic character so damn real.

Also, love “Girl Love Me’s” chorus of “Where the phuck did Monday go…” For a day – today in fact – we all are suppose to hate, Bowie seems bittersweet to let even that fade away. “How are you not crying?”, I ask myself. 

Not many people get to say goodbye like this. We’ll see you soon Mr. Bowie. For one day we’ll be able to catch up to that Starman in the sky.

Noteworthy Tracks… the entire record.


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