Favorite Albums of 2016: #13 – ‘Phase’ by Jack Garratt


Actually…. I really don’t. Owe it to the blogs. Falling in love with Jack Garratt’s romantic brand of self-made electronic r&b pop in the endless sea of music blogs I swim through on the daily happened like “Love at first note”. “Weathered” floored me. That’s all I needed from ‘Phase’. Luckily there was a lot more. The heartbeat of drums, guitar veins shooting within Jack’s machinery choir. Wasn’t until I saw Mr. Garratt at The Fonda back in March (geez that was awhile ago) that my love for this record ignited. He put one hell of a show. I mean, one of my favorites of 2016 too. Go read the glowing article.

This type of synthesized pop music does play better when you’re watching it be created… live & in person. That’s why I also recommend you go see James Blake live. You need an audience. What Jack creates is moments. ‘Phase’ is the afterimage. Something you can touch. Sink your teeth into. Examine. Because there are deep soul engraved in grooves. Jack could be the robotic version of Ed Sheeran. One that manifests the deep rich soul of Craig David.

What you should grasp from ‘Phase’ is a sense of maniacal futurism. One that is artsy & sell-able. I love ‘Phase’ because vulnerability becomes Jack Garratt. Hear what love from the future sounds like below.  

Noteworthy Tracks:

  • “Weathered”
  • “Fire”
  • “Breathe Life”
  • “My House Is Your Home”
  • “Worry”

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