Favorite Albums of 2016: #18 – ‘Views’ by Drake


Hate the way people sh*t on albums that basically shatter records. ‘Views’ was everywhere over the summer. In the end it was the most streamed album with countless weeks at number #1 on Billboard. Culminating in a being immortalized as 4x platinum.

People. Listened. To. This. Record.

Sure it doesn’t make it “The BEST ALBUM of 2016” by default by any means. But to deny Drake, his team of production wizards, and those countless ghost writers just seems wrong. Even summer blockbusters win Oscars. Sure it’s under technical most of the time… but they are still winners. Drake has never put out a bad record. His business structure doesn’t allow for it. Cause there are moments on ‘Views’ where his vision is crystal. Betcha those Dance Hall tracks (“One Dance”, “Controlla”, and “Too Good”) got you moving during 2016.  

My issue with this record are all those dead spaces at the end of each track. Works with “Redemption” which captures the classic ambiance of the essence ‘Take Care’. Yet, not necessary when all you wanna do is dance. Balance is key for albums to be amazing and ‘View’ is unbalanced. The “year in 6” premise swerved in, out and around. That’s the problem with artists who are a mixture of genres. Doesn’t always hold a candle.

‘Views’ is best listened as singles. When they come on. I enjoy myself. Even The Throne-less “Pop Style” or repetitious “Grammys”. 

Noteworthy Tracks:

  • “One Dance”
  • “Redemption”
  • “Controlla”
  • “Feel No Ways”

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