#PhotoEssay: Chance The Rapper & Francis and the Lights @ The Greek Theatre (09/17/16)

Chance The Rapper @ The Greek Theatre

Chance The Rapper @ The Greek Theatre

In retelling & describing this show over the past few days, the word “proud” continues to find its way into each sentence. Because I saw Chance The Rapper open for Donald Glover’s Childish Gambino back in 2012 at The Hollywood Palladium. He was the first headliner and virtually unknown. The room wasn’t even completely full when the lights dimmed. Most of what I can remember was my failures on how to sum up the experience. Evident by my Guerrilla Nights review. Here’s an excerpt: 

Chance The Rapper @ Hollywood Palladium 2012

Chance The Rapper @ Hollywood Palladium 2012

The one highlight was the ‘Royalty’ encore.  Royalty was the only aspect of the show that I hadn’t experienced before and came as such a surprise.  Joined by openers– Chance the Rapper & Schoolboy Q — they hit on the big hits from the new mixtape.  My favorite still was the video game inspired ‘1Up’ because I’m a nerd.  What I wasn’t expecting was the custom made freestyle with Chance & Schoolboy.  Chance really stole the showcase with his funny disses.  Check it out above. The focus here was on room shattering bass.  Drowned out all their lyrics.

That review was retweeted by Chance himself, shared on his social medias– which made the photos trend on Flickr, and ultimately broke many personal blogging milestones at the time. Hell of a endorsement for a writer that was (and still is) trying to find his voice. That was quite nice of Mr. Chance. He hasn’t changed and I’ve supported him since. Trust the hype because everyone should have “Coloring Book” on your music devices. Apparently, President Obama has it on loop.

That’s what brought us to the NEW Greek Theatre last weekend. To see Chicago’s very own son showcase his unique Magnificent Coloring World Tour to 5,000+ rapid fans.


Exterior or Neo Greek Theatre

Exterior or Neo Greek Theatre

Bluntly, the Greek Theatre has always been at the bottom of my favorite LA venues. The arena is fantastic. Definitely a Iconic Hollywood spot, that rivals the prestigious Hollywood Bowl in every way. But it takes time & effort to get up the Los Feliz mountain side safely– without drama too. There was only a handful of MEGA shows a year before the City pushed Nederlander out of power last season. Now, LA promotions like Live Nation & Goldenvoice can book the venue at a price. This has given this Greek Season a major boost of buzzworthy sold out shows that has peaked my interest.  

Part of me wanted to boycott the venue because of what happened. Some of my coworkers were apart of the Nederlander squad. Happily, the new regime brought them in and continues to use them even now. And after my night, quite happy with all changes to The Greek: better security, bigger buses, upgrades to the bars, redesigned exterior, among other things. Change is good. Don’t judge until you see it for yourself. Happy I took my own advice. Had a blast.


Still hate “reviewing” concerts.

If you’re a fan, you’re gonna like a show. If you’ve never seen Chance before… he’ll surely impress. His Magnificent Coloring World Tour is much like stage play as his songs have interludes with a chorus of Puppets assisting in hooks, verses, and ad libs. Francis and the Lights did his own set in front of a poorly lit red curtain. The music possesses him as he belts out track-after-track from his upcoming debut LP. A tad crazy, but cool. I’ll be buying his LP.

Chance & Mascot @ Greek Theatre

Chance & Mascot @ Greek Theatre

Actually both Chance & Francis ended each set with Francis’ addicting hit single – “Friends” (feat. Bon Iver). The two talented dancers swap the mascot outfit, making it the only true special appearance on a nightly basis (see above). Which sucks. Because I wanted a true duet of their “Summer Friends”. Disappointing to say the least. But that’s just a minor grip. The entire sold out crowd was behind Chance as he sang almost everything from gospel inspired Coloring Book. Then peppered in classic his classic Acid Rap hits with a side of “Sunday Candy”. Boy do I love me “Sunday Candy”. Again, his chorus was a bunch of Muppets. “Chance e’ Cheese’s” sums it perfectly.

Chance really did put on an epic show. He has grown into a truly amazing performer. Expect him to continue growing into a legendary artist as the years go on. Soon he’ll sell out Staples, like Drake, or Dodger Stadium like his Aunt Beyonce. And I’ll hopefully I catch it. You definitely should! Here’s my shots from last Saturday’s show. Enjoy!


All photos are mostly in order.

Chance The Rapper & Francis and The Lights @ The Greek Theatre (09/17/16)//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


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