Photos: Make Music Pasadena 2016 feat. The Dead Ships, Atlas Genius, and More! (06/11/16)


Make Music Pasadena’s biggest star was this new weather remix called “Grey Clouds feat. Rain”. Talk about a marathon set. Funny thing was, I almost forgot my jacket! Walked out the door in a button down short shirt, cargo pants, and sandals. Looked up as I throwing my gear into my car then made a quick decision to change. Kept the sandals on sorry.  Like I wrote in my DIY blurb, MMP has always been hot as hell. Glad I changed clothes when I did. Would’ve hated the festival.   

The rain couldn’t stop the jam pack crowds that flocked to Make Music Pasadena 2016. A free show is a free show. The organization (at the main stage especially) was the best it had been in my five years covering the festival. The people were electric. Overall, what a music festival should sound & feel like.  

I had the fortunate pleasure of seeing the following bands in my 5 hour stay in Pasadena. They all deserve a shout out because they made raging in the rain a total blast!  

Great day of fresh, new music. Happily, this was my third time seeing THE DEAD SHIPS (Echo/Coachella 2016) & second watching THE MOWGLI’S (SXSW 2015). My repeated audience with their live sets proved both have been improving exponentially. Their connection while manipulating the hordes through sexy rock & danceable pop should be commended.

Was also impressed by both Pr0files and Givers & Takers among the others. Only had a short time with both. Still, expecting bright futures selling out arenas.  

Below I provided some select performances of the acts that I saw so you can acquire a taste of what Make Music Pasadena sounds like.

(BTW: Credits are deserved by those who shot them… not I!)


Stumbled across The School of Rock showcase in between all the chaos, strangely enough. They were playing covers off the back of a Winnebago. New. Different. Chalk full of rock n’ roll. 

That’s pretty much it. Calm, cool, collective day wandering around a city full of music. What I expected and what I got. Really wish some of the restaurants weren’t as crowded. Dem the breaks sadly. Ate Jack In The Box on the way home. Because curly fries are even more amazing at 9PM. 

Will I make a 6th trip to Pasadena in a year or so? Only if the LA Kings don’t spoil the party. But in any case, you shouldn’t miss this LA music festival. The price is totally worth the $10 or so in parking when you’re seeing $35/each kind of bands for free. Now that’s best deal anyone can offer!  

PS: Any other questions, please read my DIY guide of the festival. Here comes the photos! Proud of them…I am.


Make Music Pasadena 2016 (06/11/16)//


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