Photos: Carly Rae Jepsen, Cardiknox, & Fairground Saints @ The Fonda Theatre (02/25/16)

If you read my 2015 Favorite Albums blurb, you’d know that Carly Rae Jepsen’s E·MO·TION ranked in my top 5 albums. Never expected pop perfection from this artist who many considered a possible “two-hit” wonder. E·MO·TION is just one of those dark horse records that grabs you and takes you on a wonderful ride. Solid production values with catchy instruments. 

Truly recommend adding “Run Away With Me” & “Warm Blood” to your various playlists. Wanted to see Carly Rae back in August at the Troubadour. Pity plans never materialized. Got my second chance when she announced her show at The Fonda (my recent stomping grounds). That’s how this photo set came to be. 

As for the openers, I had seen Cardiknox open for Betty Who at the Troubadour in April 2014. Wasn’t too memorable. That show wasn’t, in retrospect. Cardiknox didn’t “knock” me off my feet either this time. Carly’s fan base seem to dig her.

Fairground Saints @ The Fonda

Fairground Saints @ The Fonda

I was blown away by the openers – Fairground Saints. The curtains opened and the trio filled the theatre with most perfect harmonies, bursting from their Americana anthem – “Somethin’ From Nothin'”. Gave me chills. Still trying to shake them off.

Carly Rae Jepsen was as “Carly” as I pictured she would be. She played all the major hits from both LPs – Kiss &  E·MO·TION. She sang well, incorporated her massive band into almost every hit, and pandered to her audience who are obsessed with her brand of pop music. Could this show been at an arena? Most definitely. Hopefully, her die hard fan base and unique talents takes her to that platform sooner than later. Carly deserves it, by execution alone.  

My lasting memory from this show will be watching the little 7 something girl next to me, wearing big headphones, watching one of her very first concerts from the Fonda’s floor wings alongside her father…and loving every single moment of Carly’s performance. That’s an experience that changes lives. And you can’t tweet that. 


Carly Rae Jepsen, Cardiknox, & Fairground Saints @ The Fonda Theatre (02/25/16)//


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