[Album of the Week] “Dark Before Dawn” by Breaking Benjamin


You ever get that feeling that you’re missing something? I sure did when I played Breaking Benjamin’s return – Dark Before Dawn. Their music was such a HUGE part of all my pre-career playlists that my life since their break hasn’t had that necessary screaming viciousness it deserves. Well, no more. One of my favorite heavy metal bands have returned with a vengeance.

To say I love Dark Before Dawn is a understatement. My week long experience keeps getting better five days in. It hits all notes, making the journey an nostalgic one. Like when I first heard We Are Not Alone, then I ran to Target the next day to make it apart of my collection forever. The heavy metal guitar rifts haven’t sounded sweeter next to Ben’s iconic voice. What’s crazy it’s 95% a new band kicking up similar sounds. Impressive as hell. Nothing seems lost between Dear Agony. In fact, the music got even better! Like the empty space between never existed.

This record gets my amp’d. Leaves with me chills when ends. Like I connected with something long forgotten.

Essential Tracks: “Close To Heaven”, “Never Again”, “When Angels Fall”, “Defeated”.


PS: Here’s their new music video for “Failure”!


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