1st Song of the Day: “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” by Frank Sinatra


No, they can’t. Happy Frank Friday. Another memory is made as we showcase the romantic “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”. Eventually my dream of slow dancing with my lover in our living room to this track will come to pass. No matter how stormy it is outside. Romantic glows never fade.

Rocking on 4 hours of sleep as I’m still plagued by this fading flu. Feeling above 50%. Which is a victory itself. Can’t wait to go home and relax for 24 hours. Bout to proceed forward on some life changes. Need to rise from this funk so I can focus. My sister brought up some good points. I’m in need of some Freedom. Can’t even imagine not being stressed out over pointless things. The most telling thing is I’m not being appreciated by people who I once called my allies. The most important thing is to start moving forward again. That will be my biggest challenge. Did it once before. Basically had to quit on the stop and figure out what to do next. (Work life wise FYI, Blog wise everything is FANTASTIC! =)

Ed Sheeran was good. Overpriced, but he brought fire all by himself. Think that was the issue. Damien Rice had a similar show. Glad I was able to knock him off my musician bucket list. Now, I don’t have to force myself to see him. I think the pictures turned out great. Never know until I start editing them. I had to use the SUPER Zoom because of the distance. The lights at the Bowl are freaking amazing. So that is never an issue. Was expecting more…but happy with what I got. Here is a clip from “Drunk”..

Now that is something they can’t take that away from me. Franky do your thing!


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