1st Song of the Day: “The A Team” by Birdy


Still paralyzes me. Give credit to Birdy & Ed Sheeran. They both murder these haunting lyrics. I’m partial to Birdy’s version because of the way she sells the words that give deeper context to the experience. Stripped. Raw. World shattering. I know…I’ve experienced it live with a glass of wine in hand. Much love. Because this is one of those amazing covers everyone must hear.

If you know why I’m posting about Birdy today then bravo. To the others, Ed Sheeran is in town. His first of two nights at the Hollywood Bowl begins at 8 P.M. We’ll be there tomorrow night. Sickness or not. Must, hunt, big, game. Credo for 2015.

Bought Arkham Knight & Downloaded the 1000+ Warped Tour pictures last night. I’ll be sure to add Ed to the my massive photo editing session. Next week, while the show is dark, I’ll experiment with all the RAW files from my DSLR on photoshop. Yeah…need to upgrade my system. Time is the problem. BET Experience also occurs this weekend. Might convince myself to go see The Roots again. Loved last year’s show.

All depends on how I feel. I’m getting there. That I am. Gotta make time for sleep.


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