1st Song of the Day: “Love Is Here To Stay” by Frank Sinatra


Around round of Frank Sinatra. Are you listeners punch drunk yet? Because “Love Is Here To Stay” will definitely knock off your feet. Such a lovely tune to begin the day or end an evening. Perfect for Saturdays or meeting up with your friends at your local spot. Love pours from every fiber of this standard to highlight fantastic memories. Treat it well. So will I.

I’m in a better mood than I was yesterday. Yelled at one of my coworkers who had really…really…really bad timing. Don’t provide me worthless information about a Tuesday story when it’s Thursday and I’m swamped. Very rude. He knew better. The return of classic Wing Night made everything better. Their Blue Palms BBQ sauce can still be tasted from my belly. Wouldn’t trade my T & A late-night conversations for anything else in the world. Glad they are wonderful…despite the random work bullsh*t. But that will be changing soon. #Spoilers

Semi-Busy weekend ahead. Gonna go see DOPE or Inside Out this evening. Followed by Hannibal & Anime. Tomorrow it’s about daddy dearest because Sunday I’m at Warp Tour all day. Super excited to see some of my favorite Metal bands. I cover too many Indie Rock folks. Time to plump up my portfolio with crazy buggers.Hanging with the SXSW squad is the extra bonus.

Other than that, working on myself as I swing to some Sinatra. Happy Friday. Keep that smile.


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