1st Song of the Day: “Drinking Again” by Frank Sinatra


Look at us, we’re drinking again…from some cool Sinatra. Refreshing, huh? These Frank Fridays are quite popular. Crazy. Figured people want to hear new Zedd but in reality we all want something classy. Today’s selection has that and more Mad Men & Women.

If…BIG if…my life was a movie, my time at Fat Dog (the new bar in downtown NoHo) would’ve been soundtracked by “Drinking Again” as I sat at the Bar waiting for Mr. T last night. I usually get like this when I feel I deserve to be somewhere else but here. I should be. In my alternative timeline I am. Sometimes I envy that possible version of myself. Because he has everything I want…or not. Alternative versions can be a head scratchers as you know. They probably only exist in comic books. Shoot. Make peace with the choices you make dear boy. Cause you screwed up enough in the past few years. (That I did.)

My head is starting to hurt. It’s too damn early. Why do I do this so much in the morning? I’m weaker than most days seeing how I stayed up late to watch Hannibal. Even that was a struggle because the pacing is so slow. Rest is coming. Can’t wait for the weekend. Jam packed, full of adventure, with slight chance of rest. Just how I like it.

Happy Frank Friday. Be safe and enjoy the day, wherever you rest your head.


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