[Album of the Week] Battle! Jamie xx’s In Colour Vs. Florence + The Machine’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Battle_In Colours_HBHBHB_Album Covers

There wasn’t a clear winner in this weekly fight. Thus, let the battle begin!

Nothing against Major Lazer, but I LOVED both Jamie xx & Florence + The Machine latest albums. Have been listening to In Colour & How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful for a few weeks now. Each had their moments, but there wasn’t never a clear winner because they are two completely different experiences. Verdict: Both LPs deserve your dollars.

What You’re About To Get Into:

Jamie’s record falls into ’90s dance nostalgia with a beautiful spectrum sounds that form colors the second you close your eyes. The world of In Colour is a hopeful one. No matter if you fall into the dark side of the musical spectrum, Jamie’s instrumental will shine white light to save you from it. You’ll ride a rainbow into a back into the future. You’ll have a good time. Plus, his The xx partner, Romy, makes a cameo on two wonderful tracks.

But Florence Welch’s voice is a beast. The machine behind her doesn’t really hold a candle to some of the vocal ranges you’ll experience in their Big-Blue-Beautifully dark world. Each run gives me a chill. The electric will run through your blood. Plus, #HBHBHB is probably my favorite album from the career of F+TM. Time has served it well as Florence and she’s never been better. As many reviewers point out, this record will probably touch you if you experience it live…but Florence + The Machine is the perfect live band. Regardless of what they play. You NEED to see them live. The performance is haunting every time. Ms. Welch doesn’t get lost in translation whether you hear it in your earphones or in amphitheater. That’s the best thing about this band.

The battle is light vs. the dark. Now it’s your time to decide. Good luck judges.

Jamie xx – In Colour

Essential Tracks: “Girl”, “Loud Places”, “Stranger In The Room”, “Sleep Sound”, “SeeSaw”

Florence + The Machine – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Essential Tracks: “Various Storms & Saints”, “Long Lost”, “Delilah”, “Third Eye”



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