1st Song of the Day: “You and I” by American Darlings


“You & I” came crashing through my headphones this morning. The fresh new single from Brooklyn based American Darlings is full of a spectrum of lovely sounds. It’s paralyzing my written speech. Keep losing myself into the lush instrumentals that ride like a tidal wave into my eardrums. As the Darlings describe their style: “Infectious. Melodic. Catchy. Loud.” Couldn’t say it better if I tried.

Reminds me of some the alt rock bands of the early 2000s that I love so much. Definitely gonna find its way on to a variety of summertime playlists. Seeing how that’s the biggest trend in these 1st Song sessions. Tis the season.

American Darlings will be bringing you Rubber Tracks, due sometime in the near future. Until then…keep smashing repeat on “You & I”.


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