1st Song of the Day: “Rise Up” by Sam West


Emotionally charged anthem from a land down under, where Sam West plays & plunders with his brotherhood. The A&R department has your exclusive first listen of the Aussie folk-bluesy rocker’s new single “Rise Up”. Nothing complicated about the track at all – acoustically raw & super laid back, Sam has some specific uplifting instructions to make you better people. The lyrical criteria is something we all can relate to. Because change starts within then spreads across the globe.

Here’s Sam West words on the single (set for release June 12th):

“I wrote this song in my hometown, by myself, late at night – which is when I do all my best writing. This song is about people standing together for a better future: humanity, as one, standing up together for what is right, to stop war, fighting, conflict, just standing together for the first time in history to face a very uncertain future. We need to forget race and difference and just work out what we need for ourselves and for the planet.”

I totally agree. Raise your fists in unity, this is “Rise Up” from his soon-to-be new album.


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