1st Song of the Day: “Day Fort” by TIO


Strangely, my dreams sound a lot like TIO’s “Day Fort”. Like 37 chambers of electronic floodgates opening simultaneously as you sprint down the hall for five-minutes straight. You’ll be converted no matter how fast you run.

Once you enter this musical “Fort” you’ll immediately start to feel different. Your blood begins to boil each time the distorted guitars spike with coarsening rifts. The pulsations will keep you sane as you are hit repeatedly by a wall of colorful clashing sounds. The only way I can describe it is that each layer has new depths much like someone traveling through an inception for the first time. Time stands still as you dance your life away forever. Such an amazing feeling to say the least.

The music video for “Day Fort” will be debuting soon. Stick to TIO’s social media for the updates!


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