1st Song of the Day: “My Cherie Amour” by Stevie Wonder


Was going through Vegas’ Life is Beautiful lineup this morning. It would be cool to attend Friday or Saturday. The roster is killer. I have seen 40% of the acts. So, i’d be going for the remaining 60%. Plus…a Vegas music festival that isn’t EDC is always worth shelling out a few dollars for. Gonna double check and make sure that Stevie doesn’t show up in LA later in 2015. If he does, forget Vegas…as everyone should do based on their motto.

Again, don’t really have time to talk. No new artists to showcase because I’m up against the clock. Two days and work calms down. Let me get through it without harm. Dead Sara was worth the lack of sleep. The interview portion of the Grammy Museum was lackluster to say the best. The band didn’t have much to say. The audience brought the group out of their nervous shells a bit. The performance was spot on. They should’ve had the performance then the interview. But what can you do? $20 bucks was worth the purchases. Check out a clip from the special performance below.

And now here’s Stevie!


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