1st Song of the Day: “Beautiful Now” by Zedd (feat. Jon Bellion)


Rough start to the morning. Stayed up too late trying finish my latest showcase album. You should’ve saw me. Multi-tasking like I do at the day job. Had to speed through my KROQ pictures to publish because last night was the only time I had to do it. Tonight’s a concert (dead sara yeah!), tomorrow is Comic Book night, Thursday brings Tomorrowland, then I’m dog sitting & doing way too much personal plans over the three day. Next Monday is the only day open…and i’ll probably be on call.

The photos came out better than I hoped. Especially the Florence & The Machine shots. Some of the luckiest pictures to be captured by my lens. Go check them out if you have time. Here is the link! There are more albums to come. Still haven’t finished the SXSW pre and post shows. Ah!

Today I felt a bit lazy. Zedd is world renown. But the soulful Jon Bellion still deserves a spotlight. “Beautiful Now” is my favorite song from True Colors (out now!). He kills the track that smoothly rolls into a roller coaster of bleeps and drops. Treat yourself to a sample of one of the best dance records in 2015.


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