[Album of the Week] Pleasure To Meet You by Dead Sara


Your mind will grab a revolver and blow your brains out the second you press play. That’s the only way I can describe Dead Sara’s sound.

For years now, I tell almost every stranger I meet to check out Dead Sara. No joke. When a rock ‘n’ roll conversation presents itself the first band I mention is Emily & her wild gang. Today is no exception.

Pleasure To Meet You is the LA foursome’s sophomore record. They had to have their DEADicated (like me) fund this effort because record labels continued to get in the way. All the struggles paid off with a great sounding musical experience that surpasses most modern day rockers. I’m so glad. Can feel a LA state of mind on almost every track. Our new rock ambassadors of palm trees and vicious screams…that is how I’ll refer to them.

When truly talented artists like Emily, Siouxsie, Chris, and Sean are allowed to channel the gods of rock freely…the flame behind the sword they wield is a deadly one. The experience on Pleasure doesn’t really slow down. You get hints of Americana soul at times but Emily vicious vocals is like a hurricane smashing against your ear drums. You will be forced to move and raise your hands up to testify before you’re swiped away.

Rock is Dead. It’s bury in LA and every time Emily opens her mouth the ghosts of the past speak. There is no use in trying to save the weatherman anymore. The animals have broken out of their cage with a Cheshire smile on their face.

Listen. Love it. Tell your friends. Your about to experience the greatest rock band today.

Essential Tracks: “Radio One Two”, “Blue Was The Beautiful You”, “Love Sick”, & “Greaser”



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