1st Song of the Day: “Blue Sky” by Buffalo Rodeo


’60s inspired psychedelic grooves to wrestle you out of bed this morning. For we bring you the brand new, out of this world, visuals from Kentucky’s Buffalo Rodeo. Their buzzworthy new single, “Blue Sky”, has only been enhanced with the debut of their trippy new video. As the band states: “The colorful and vibrant video captures the very essence of the song. With the band performing throughout the piece, the footage proves to be captivating and enticing, just like the very song it represents.” You might feel like you took some bad pills, but keep a steady eye on the dual figures. The colors only become more vibrant the longer you keep your head underwater. It’s everything the song needs and more.

In Other News:

Still debating if I should go to the Reagent Theatre tomorrow night after CBW. I got free tickets to a show on RSD15. Most likely I’ll be crashing KROQ’s weenie roast this Saturday. So…unless I’m feeling gung-ho. Those free tickets will be passed onto some lucky few. But yeah KROQ has a stellar lineup of bands I have yet to see. Spend all day down in Irvine sounds like fun too.


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