1st Song of the Day: “Anyone But Me” by Dead Flowers


A little dirty Texas rock starting my weekend off right. Spotlight Saturday beams Dead Flowers into full bloom with their lyric video for “Anyone But Me”. A single with a enough attitude to push and shove you around peanut covered saloons beyond the lone star state. All I’m missing is a Marlboro pressed between my lips.

Dead Flowers are the bastard children of punk and Texas blues. So there isn’t a lack of confidence behind the instrumentals and vocals. Vince-Ed-Evan-Corey can shrug anything off as Corey’s lyrical clips showcase. Just a deep buzzed stare until he walks away. They will continue to drink beer, raise hell, and stomp a vicious mud hole into your eardrums. Spoiler: The fire rises more as instruments heat up.

Here’s their new single, “Anyone But Me”, for your weekend pleasure.

If you liked that…settle in on your couch and let their live show turn your living room into a full concert experience, beer breaks included. The guys are currently on the road and the very raw “I Won’t Go” & “I’m Leaving”  are small glimpses into their much buzzed about showcases.


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