1st Song of the Day: “Immune” by Groenland

groenland-the-chase-music-video-2015-new video

Gorgeous single about to be played. Still trying to make sense of the music video.

“Immune” was the debut music video from Montreal’s wonderful indie pop collective – Groenland. It debuted back in 2013 alongside the release of the band’s featured LP, The Chase. The clips follows the band into the woods where they run into three shady characters hell bent on obtaining them in a deliverance sort of way. Just a tad more cruel. The view is meant to assume that most of the band doesn’t make it out of the woods. Only the few.

As I stated above, the sobering suspenseful single is pretty. The group’s original indie-pop orchestral technique is spiced like a Florence + The Machine, Arcade Fire, Clean Bandit, and even Of Monsters & Men. The calm, yet powerful, vocals & peaceful strings send the track floating into the mountains of your imagination. You’ll be screaming waiting for an echo to bounce back.

This is “Immune”.

Directed by Germain Collinge


In Other News:

I wish I was running through the woods. Still haven’t been able to push the dark clouds surrounding my thoughts. Give it a few more days. I’ll feel better. Maybe? Who knows? This is why I have hard timing trusting jabronis. Keep letting me down. That’s why Man invented Wing Night. Meh. Hope you enjoy the song. Love the sweeping movements.


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