1st Song of the Day: “Lanai” by Cafe Lanai


Damn. Really feeling this at 7 A.M. Drinking coffee as the soulful echoes of Cafe Lanai fill my living room. Their latest track, “Lanai”, is making this LA room feel like it’s apart of a surreal tropical paradise merely through sounds. Brilliant texture of deep house grooves and smooth r&b. You’ll just sink in as if you fell upon a beach chair on a crisp sunny day.

It is the perfect way to start Sunday, in deep relaxation.

Whoever wrote their press release is a wordsmith. Not even gonna try to channel it into my own interpretation:

Cafe Lanai are one of those bands I’d love for you to check out because they seamlessly blend texture in both their sound and visual output. They’re a group that aren’t spitefully futuristic, but are clearly forward thinking in how they sound. They can be described as the soundtrack to calming our current Black Mirror-esque fears. Transhumanism wouldn’t be so terrifying if this is what it sounds like. 

On their debut Paradise EP, Cafe Lanai enlists the spirit of humid rainforests and black sand beaches, imploring you to close your eyes and throw your body to the beat. Infused with interweaving vocals, sultry lyrics, sweaty synths and the flyest rhythms for house heads and disco souls, Cafe Lanai is here to party.

Most press releases aren’t as eloquent as what you just read. Much props. Sums up everything you’re about to hear wonderfully. Because there is no better experience in life then listening to a wonderland of beats.

Michael Brock & Forever’s Paradise EP materializes on June 30th. Just in time for your summer vacation.


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