1st Song of the Day: “Marathon” by MIRK


It’s Spotlight Saturday! We’re about to “MIRK” someone. Ah, damn. (hehe)

Actually, MIRK is a seven-piece (normally six-piece) musical combo that fuses pop, soul, rock, R&B, and hip-hop into a deep meaningful package. Makes sense because lead singer, Joshua “Mirk” Mirksy, also has an impressive resume – producing music for Jay Z, Petey Pablo, Eamon, Ciara, and Young Jeezy.

“Marathon” is their third single from Run, the band’s latest LP. It’s a band favorite for a few years now. However, the 2014 paint job has coated the track with rich texture. “Marathon” is paced well, much of the energy is saved until the end where it just explodes towards the finish line. Because it remains so constant, the addictive flavor of the gospel chorus ,instrumentals, and catchy lyrics leads you into Mirk’s hip hop poetry without surprise. Found myself nodding uncontrollably to the drums.

This is how you should start your weekend. By throwing yourself into a 4-minute “Marathon”.


In Other News:

IT’S FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!! Go out and read something! Especially Batman 40. Or go see Ultron.


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