1st Song of the Day: “Born To Rock ‘n’ Roll” by The Montecristos


Hell of a way to kick-off hump day. Something I definitely need.

London’s superband – The Montecristos – are making my earphones groove with their brand new “Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll”. The track should belong to my John Hughes-’80s inspired teen film comedy soundtrack. My and the crew tearing down in the road with the windows way down. There are hints of big band, jazz, punk, and most importantly classic rock laced in the catchy three minute package. The formula is so precise that you won’t be able to hold back your moves. Especially during that chuck berry-back to the future-guitar solo. Leaves me saying, “You know that new sound you’ve been looking for? Well, listen this!”

Can’t wait to listen to their full record when I get home. You stream it here. If you want to beat me to the punch.  Also, if you’re in the London area, you can check The Montecristos this Friday night at the O2’s Shepherds Bush Empire. They will provide kick and the dynamite to your weekend.


In Other News:

Beat my first Bloodborne boss last night! It. was. epic. All the tricks and tools I had acquired playing with different characters really assisted in mastering my first build. Left me content. Was able to walk away and try out Far Cry 4. Reminds me of FC3…which I mastered many moons ago. Seems like I have never left that majestic world. No Comic Book Wednesday this week because it’s Free Comic Book Day this Saturday. Will pick up all my books then. I will be downloading Batman 40 & Superman 40. Batman is wrapping up the epic endgame finale. Trying not to spoil it for myself.

No more nerd stuff for awhile.


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