1st Song of the Day: “Get Hype” by Alby Sound


Need get hype on this workday? All you have to do is smash play.

Fresh / Buzzworthy Cali rapper, Alby Sound, has dropped a west coast anthem entitled “Get Hype”. The fresh cut feels so westside that you should smoking a blunt while riding shotgun in a low rider. You can hear Dr. Dre, Game, & Kendrick Lamar influences throughout the piece. Really get the feeling like I’m listening to Chronic 2001 again. Explosive.

“Get Hype” excels in feeling raw, but excited to see what Alby drops next with bit more production value. The outcome might beat some radios up!


In Other News:

Possibly Matt & Kim tomorrow night. Gotta scope out the week ahead in concerts before I finalize that decision. LA is still booming after Coachella & Stagecoach has rolled out.

Realized I have to carve out a full Saturday trying to past Bloodborne’s first dungeon. There isn’t a save point till you beat the boss. Which has been frustrating. I won’t be denied. Beating that game will give me serious satisfaction. Might play Far Cry 4 during the week to keep me from breaking my controller. Achieve some trophies. Blah. Blah. Nerd stuff. Which can sometimes be the best stuff.


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