1st Song of the Day: “Legend” by Parlement


It’s Spotlight Saturday…who’s ready to rock!

Spanish rockers, Parlement, are gradually drawing me away from my Damien Rice moon phase that has been active for the past couple days. Are you ready to hop on the R&R train to someplace cool? Good! For Parlement has been described as refreshing rock music similar to the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Archie Bronson and even The Black Keys. After listening to their new single – “Legend” – it’s easy to concede to the comparisons. Especially during the solo sections. Rock worth it!

The music video is a monochromatic affair. It shows the guys jammin’ out along with random cutaways to Spanish street goers singing along. Nothing too extravagant. Perfectly simple set of visuals for a rock anthem. Don’t worry about headbanging…no one is watching.

“Legend” is taken from the band’s upcoming new LP due to be released soon in 2015. Jealous “Future Just” gets to experience it before I do.


Some Non-Related Random Words:

Damien Rice was bloody-phucking fantastic! My chills have stuck to my skin overnight. I know it’s nippy in the ouse & outside, but still! Perfect showcase. He opened with “Elephant”! Left this fan boy like this! Go check out my twitter to see clips from the showcase.

I watched them on loop this morning.

You can find me in the gym for the rest of the weekend. Ate too much garbage this week. My body is starting to revolt.


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