1st Song of the Day: “Road To Ruin” by WE ALL WANT TO


Ozzy rock! Today’s featured spotlight arrives to us from across the Pacific. Brisbane to be exact. Meet the rock quintet of “We All Want To! As my release states: We All Want To is the brainchild of legendary Brisbane songwriter and Screamfeeder guitarist Tim Steward. With core members Dan McNaulty and Skye Staniford as well as a revolving door of other musical collaborators they’ve become a kind of sweet-yet-scuzzy, indie-rock super-group influenced by bands like Broken Social Scene, The Kinks and The Go-Betweens that feels oddly familiar, yet completely fresh and organic in their sound. Think you’ll dig the video below.

They just recently dropped visuals for their catchy rock pop anthem “Road To Ruin” that is off their upcoming May release – The Haze. The clips feature member – Skye Staniford.- running through an abandon hospital…burning a sweat. Still trying to digest what it all means. You should give it a shot too! According to the band, “‘Road to Ruin’ sets a delicious juxtaposition between the song’s carefree summer vibes and haunting internal conflict”. Deep.

Directed by Jacob Schiotz

My big news for the day isn’t really big. Visited the Third Man Records Mobile Truck yesterday outside Amoeba. Waited in line for 2 Hours to buy a few pins and a vinyl. The thing that made it tasking was watching other people take forever trying to decide. They had a menu. Just write it down, hand over your card, and walk away. Should be simple, right? Nope. Oh Hollywood folk. Left Hollywood grinding my teeth.

For all the suffering, should’ve just went home and watched TV.


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