Album of the Week: Live From The Woods by NEEDTOBREATHE


NEEDTOBREATHE…the way they are meant to be heard…in the woods of Nashville.

Wasn’t expecting to find myself doing chores around the house this past week bumping this 2-Disc epic live set that features N2B’s career spanning hits. I played it really loud. Got complaints. Makes me sad that I have yet to experience them live. Someday. As far as I can tell, they put on hell of a show that September night. The record is lifted directly from their Woods at Fontanel performance. Full length. No guest cameos. The only other voices you hear are the crowd roars seeping in between every solo. The guys sheer energy grabs you from the speakers. Hard to fight. Especially their version of Modest Mouse’s “Float On” at the end of “Wanted Man”.

Happy it’s been slow few weeks. I can give this amazing slice of Americana history the spotlight it deserves. Don’t feature much Christian rock because it can be too direct. I like hidden messages. Because then all music is allowed to listener to be touched by spiritual healing. For most modern music are heavily influenced by beliefs. Put anything in a catchy, country rock, package…and I’ll throw my hands up. Can’t judge music. Sorry. Our next song is heavy metal! Gotta give me 2+ for that.

If I didn’t bring it up, you probably would’ve thought N2B was just another rock band you never heard of. And they are. Truly. Take a listen and testify.



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