1st Song of the Day: “Catching Fire” by The Score


“Catching Fire” is the perfect way of describing my current state of being. Not satisfy with normality. Looking to push my limits beyond what I normally do. Our friends, The Score, put out records like that. Their passionate indie pop infects almost instantaneously. Which can be said about their new anthem – “Catching Fire”. Romantic indie pop is a genre that usually bends my knees, forcing me to submit to the music, and Eddie & Edan speak gospel truth. It’s the claps and drums, obviously.

Take a listen…betcha you’ll be streaming it all weekend long.

Be sure to check out “Oh My Love” too. You’ll surely feel the same effect.

Big Saturday ahead! I’m gonna travel around LA visiting popular record shops on RSD15. Was disheartened last year because the official RSD wasn’t like Black Friday Record Store Day. Rookie mistakes. Out of the 40+ stores in the LA area, there is bound to be a secret store with all the goodies. That’s my objective. Sure it’s like a needle in a haystack…but at least there are plenty of shops also offering free music. So. Damn. Excited! Gotta prep my camera.

Plan on tweeting and reporting on all my findings. Stay tune and follow along over at @B4Music!

Worked on my on a new SXSW Tips Guide and read a few comics. Plan on dropping a new article every Thursday night. Had promise that before. So take it as a grain of salt. When it appears. I’ll let y’all know. Until then.

[PS: If you’re interested in being showcased, drop us a line at Bored4Music@yahoo.com.  Be patient. I get a crazy amount of submissions every day.]


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