1st Song of the Day: “Comfortable Lie” by Why We Run


Our first Spotlight in the spanking new “1st Song of the Day” series. Are you excited??? I am. No more Coachella bands.

Today I bring you the debut single from Sydney’s very own – Why We Run. “Comfortable Lie” is a dark piece of musical material that floats like a dream. Didn’t know if I was in heaven or hell as I stepped out of the shower. The video below uses a technique known as Camera Obscura – incorporating a truck, 1000s of photos and many locations. The clip’s ambitious nature allows the song to express its true surreal nature. I absolutely adore the montage of sound. Heaps.

Big thanks to Why We Run. Hell of a way to kick-off this new series of blurbs. Nothing else to report. Enjoy!

Directed by Tim Gibbs

[PS: If you’re interested in being showcased, drop us a line at Bored4Music@yahoo.com.  Be patient. I get a crazy amount of submissions every day.]


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