1st Song of the Day: “Degausser” by Brand New


Eating left over ham. Yum. Yum. Could go cheesier and say going H.A.M. on this HAM. Maybe? No? Okay. I’ll stop. Rant about other random things. Which my list of stuff isn’t very long this morning. Can’t wait to go home. Keep working on my SXSW & after photos. Forgot I had to watermark everything. Major bummer. Guess tonight’s the night. Sick of talking about it. Truly. I’ll make mention again when the links are live!

Was a fan of Brand New when this record – The Devil & The God…- dropped many years ago. Punk metal. Haven’t really followed Brand New since then. “Degausser” was one of my favorite tracks from the guys. Find it strange that they are mixed in with all the EDM & rappers on the Coachella lineup. Especially how high they are on the bill. A little something for everyone? Gotta respect that at least. Expect to mosh and rage while bass is bumping in the background. .


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