Album of the Week: Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens



Three Word Review: Scary Beautiful Truth…

My drive home from the Troubadour was soundtracked by Carrie & Lowell this early this morning. Probably the best way I experienced it so far. Empty roads. Gusts of wind blowing through my hair. Just me and my headlights driving towards a unknown future. While listening to Sufjan’s heartbreaking folktales coming through my busted stereo…my mortality never felt closer.

Most days, I feel immortal. The future will continue. But by “Fourth of July” I can’t fight the intruding dark presence riding in the passenger seat to my right. “We’re all gonna die,” he repeats. “Yep”. I reply with my uncertain crooked smile. Nodding like I’m not listening. But I am. Something so simple and sweet never felt so scary to me. Over drives my spirit making me want to challenge our tragic fate. I want to run faster. End every conversation with I love you. Basically, correct all the wrongs I’ve done. Which is nearly impossible.

This record isn’t for the faint of heart. Sufjan Stevens dove into his sadness and paid tribute to his influential childhood stars in a very simplistic form. He gets real, but I love every second of it. Each nuisance of a simple distortion of sound makes me feel like I’m flying through his memories. Stuck in a symbolic wonderland of 1970s furniture and plastic cover couches. Harkens back to my grandmother’s old house on the other side of the tracks.

This album is love. Rawer than you can possibly imagine. I wish i can contain it. However, the sheer force of Sufjan’s emotions is like light. Moving so fast that all you can see is it’s after effects. These are memories and feelings that were dying to get out since his childhood. Now forever immortalized on soundwaves travelling out into the night sky.

I can’t wait until I’m inspired to doing so brave.

Existential Tracks: “No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross”, “John My Beloved”, “Death of Dignity”, “Eugene”, “The Only Thing”, “Carrie & Lowell”.


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