1st Song of the Day: “Midnight Request Line” by Skream


You’re on the line with the midnight hour. Hey…long time listener, first time caller. Can you play some Skream??? You read my mind.

Can be a word role player during times like this. Where I don’t officially don’t punch the clock until 6:30 AM. Still too early. Gives me time to write. Which is not a bad thing. We all need peaceful transitions into the work flow. Something I always pass along to my employees…when I was a supervisor. My current gig continues to blur the line between assistant and boss. Annoys me when my teammates take it the wrong way.

Walked 8,000 steps yesterday. I could’ve surpassed the first goal of 10,000 if I walked around my block a second time. Stopped myself though. One thing I learned from childhood was I prefer to be close to the finish without finishing. Being second place keeps the fire burning. Especially at this age. If I won all the time, then my ego would overtake passion. Hated that boy I became in hindsight. You don’t want that. A person should want to keep going. I’ll reach the first checkpoint eventually. Just gotta keep walking towards it. As The Rock said: “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”.

Started editing my SXSW photos. Hit a bump when I couldn’t find my third SD card containing all my pictures from Day 1. You could imagine my elation upon it’s hidden discover. The day shots came out majestic. Trying not to over do it. Being very judgmental. Only the best shots. Don’t want 50+ imagines in each album. Merely a good 25. Unless it was an epic show like the Weeknd. Still getting follows on my SXSW Twitter account. The artists have continued to share all my random posts. Oh, memories.

Anyway, let’s talk about Skream. Um…it’s dance. Pulse pounding. You can feel the bass through your skin. Is it sad that I find it uninspiring? Probably would avoid his performance at the tent. I like shows where I’m not doing movements out of sheer boredom. Entertain me…so much so that I SCREAM.


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