Album of the Week: To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar


Glad I delayed posting our weekly blurb!

King Kendrick just pulled a Frank Ocean. To Pimp A Butterfly is live and it’s…so damn…funky. Only on track 4 and it reminds me of Flying Lotus’ “You’re Dead”. Just more rap. Even like a slam deaf jam poetry with background beats. Kendrick writing is so spot on. Snap. Snap. The album is evolving with each passing second. Can’t keep a single critic in. Not what I was expecting. Lamar is solid. “These Walls” is my favorite so far.

Can’t wait to play it on repeat ALL WEEK LONG. SXSW and beyond. Pity my Prius is stacked with great Rap. Kendrick overtakes them all. Sorry Drizzy.

Pimps and hoes, this is how you Pimp A Butterfly:


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