1st Song of the Day: “EYE I EYE” by Claude VonStroke


Part of me wished that this track was a re-envisioning of “Eye to Eye”. Sadly. Another EDM feature fro Coachella’s epic schedule.

Did you know that I use to borrow The Goofy Movie soundtrack from our local library? Played that CD till the glass grooves were all messed up. My muscle memory still recalls the dance moves. Fighting the urge to put those peace signs to my face as I pause between thoughts.

Why am I not featuring T. Campbell over Claude VonStroke. His name sounds like a Super Villian. “I will kill you, Mr. Bond with repetitiveness! Ha. Ha.” You win Claude. I’ll submit. The mix gets quite good about three minutes in. Don’t feel obligated to hit play. I’ll understand. Collective taste. Only true EDM freaks will be able to handle this veteran’s unique blend of style. Leaves me wanting more. Like this is a interlude to a more profound piece. Not a major single which it most obviously is. Hmm.

I’m probably packing. Better vision is I’m dreaming of packing. Two days. Keep clapping.


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