1st Song of the Day: “Harbor” by Touché Amoré


Whoa. Seizure. Props to the son of a gun who designed this moving art piece. Appears as an graphical error. Which is why I like it.

So, I’m on vacation. Yippy! My GRFX boss accepted it. My Post Supervisor…didn’t seem thrilled. Even kept my name on the weekly schedule. …yeah. But I’m done talking about the day job until after the festival. SXSW on my mind. Gotta stay focus. No drama until I return.

Tonight marks my first concert Night Out of 2015. Wolf Alice continue their small LA residency, landing at the Bootleg. Rolling with Sensei. Just us having fun before we touch down in Texas. Wolf Alice is one of those bands that are gonna have people talking after Austin’s epic festival. Which means I won’t have to see them there. Unless they are amazing. Then…I’ll have to do some lineup chopping. Trying to see new artists at the Festival. Paint me in excitement as I get to field test my new DSLR at the Bootleg!

Sorry Touche Amore. Your heavy metal wails aren’t forgotten in my ocean of random words. Just have so much on the mind. “Harbor” can hold your attention as you wait for the chorus to strike violently. The peaceful bridges makes my ear stand upright. You could totally see my chunky hipster self headbanging at the polo fields. I don’t mosh. Growing my hair out for a reason, ya know.

This is as romantic “devil music” gets.


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