1st Song of the Day: “Falling In Love Again” by Joyce Manor


Fall in love with late 90s/early 2000s punk rock once more. Joyce Manor are the last of a dying breed. Their collective sounds like something from my SAN DISK era…which was my main choice of MP3 player before the Apple takeover. Loved my short morning session listening to their wonderfully titled album – Never Hungover Again. For Coachella, I’d be curious to see them make mosh pits on the polo grounds. Probably won’t have a huge presence, but surely they will entertain.

I made it. Longest five days I’ve had to deal with in one and a half years. *sigh* Hopefully, my bosses remembered that I won’t be here next week. It is also my co-worker Katie’s last day with the company. Spent my time stuck in traffic thinking back on all the times I vented to her about unnecessary overthought drama from my early days in the Vault. She had patience. She was kind. Quite thankful she didn’t just tell me to go to hell. I would’ve. Eight years ago Just was a winy b*tch. Glad that skin shed years ago. Katie’s moving on to bigger and better things. We’re gonna celebrate after work. The question is…among the original team…who’s next? (Pray that it is me.)

Today continues more trainee prep, catching up on paperwork, and many other uninteresting things. Got many posts to pre-write this weekend. Schedules to update. The grind don’t stop. Have a great weekend! Party hard.


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