1st Song of the Day: “Itotiani” by Chicano Batman


Fantastic name. I’m sure Chicano Batman get that heaps. Their Latin funk personifies LA living. Won’t get the same experience if you live in a cold region of the World. Palm trees, bad b*tches, and wannabes. Add “Itotiani” to your west coast life for max efficiency. If I had minutes to chill, non-conflict, would totally lay back on a towel and experience these guys. Chillaxing experience.

10 hours till some relaxing couple of days. Need to watch Broadchurch Season 2 and whatever else I taped since Sunday. Now that the SXSW lineup is close to being finalized, my self-imposed homework needs to get done too. Hours of non-stop music? Sign me up. Nothing else on the schedule. Might do a spotlight. My email is still blowing up! Or start pretaping our first songs. Otherwise, I’m gonna post every morning from Austin! That would be sooooo cool. Except don’t know if the hotel has free WiFi.

Things to think about. Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Praying some good music dropped last night so I can share something.


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