1st Song of the Day: “Who Needs You” by The Orwells


Who needs you? I mean, really? Everyone of course! That’s gonna be the nicest thing I say all morning. ALL goes down hill from here.

Whatever sickness that was lingering in my body for the past three weeks has subsided after relaxing all weekend long. I’m sure you saw my new flickr albums. You didn’t? They are on my Twitter if you’re bored. Pinned to the top for those web browsing. Blue Palms Pliney event was way better than last year. Actually got to sit, eat, and have a mini-wing night with A+MT. Then we went to the movies. Saw Kingsman for the second time. Dope flick. Better the second time.

Then I did SXSW homework. Made it through Tuesday’s schedule. So many great sounding newbies. They…I mean the festival promoters…still haven’t finalized the weekend lists. This is not one of those wonderfully organized events. Changes until the Monday before. Still gonna be nuts! Only 12 days before I go on vacation. Who’s ready? This guy. Not ready to pretape all those days I’m away.

The Orwells sound like the Strokes. Cheers to the start of March.


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